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Ugh!  I've been hearing the same crap since he was 17. "I'm… - Every Villan is Lemons [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 19th, 2007|09:50 pm]
Classy Cassi

Ugh!  I've been hearing the same crap since he was 17. "I'm only _________, you can't tell me what to do." or "I'm only__, I want to hang out with my friends."  He's going to be 30 going "I'm still a kid."  It just irritates the piss out of me.
Ted went into the hospital yesterday and they let him out early, today.  He went to Broadripple because he has tommorow and Thursday off.  Now he's trying to bail on work Friday!  Ugh, I wouldn't care if it weren't for two factors:
ONE:  He has had all week off and his check in two weeks is going to be NOTHING.
TWO:  He overdrafted his account 100 bucks and got wopped with 200 in charges.  His check was only 300 so guess who's paying the bills for the next two weeks?  Me--with my graduation money.  I don't mind as long as he quits with the it's MY money crap.  It's OUR's now.  
So then he pulls the Friday crap.  We need all the money we can get.  His next check is going to be like 100 bucks and I'm running out of dough fast.  He's totally disrespectful of that.  He says I don't have a say.  I should now!  I'm paying for his cigareetes and food and I don't HAVE to so he should respect that I want him to go to work.  Especially when he got the whole week off.  This is the second week in a row he has stressed me out to tears.  He seriously needs to quit pushing it.